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Firstly, Wishing each and every one of you A very Happy Children’s Day!!

In this busy life, where all of us are running behind a monotonous routine life, we tend to miss out on the small joys of life. All of us have a child in us, that we sometimes express and many a times keep it to ourselves.

Just like a child’s innocent smile, a curious mind and naughty mischiefs, lets all find our ways of kutty kutty joys as we grow!

A rainy day, hot bajjis and a favorite song (It’s been Rahman sir or Raja sir for me! What’s it for you?) Ah! Loving it as I’m saying! There’s a sort of bliss that can’t be described in words, isn’t it?

Sleeping in our mother’s lap, breaking bubbles, counting the stars, fighting for the remote with our siblings, eating the last piece of chocolate and most of all we all love to get a rain holiday, don’t we? I’m sure we all watch the news awaiting to see our district’s name on the list!! Of course, today was just a miss for us – Chennai students!!

As I say this, I remember an incident!
Last year, for Ganesha Chathurthi, we went to Triplicane, my mom’s childhood place. She has a favorite Ganesha temple which she loved to go, as a child. The moment we were nearing Triplicane I saw her face gleaming with joy. She started narrating all her childhood memories to us. The moment she saw the Ganesha temple on her left side, she forgot everything around her, and jumped out of the car like a small child, rushing into her favorite temple to see her Ganesha.
That moment it strikes me how important small joys are.

Of course, we can’t do everything that we did as a child. And a lot of joy comes from our childhood memories. But we can definitely enjoy all the other things like licking your ice-cream which you dropped in your hand or sometimes on your shirt (hehe) even if you are an adult!

Today, when I turn back at my 18 years of life, I don’t remember all the big achievements, school internal marks or even my board results. All I remember is the amount of joy I had with my friends, family, teachers and surroundings.
I remember how I am always the last one to finish my ice-cream. And of course, I still love licking the lastt part of the Dairy milk and snatching that last bit of chocolate from my sister. Thirudi sapadra chocolate la oru thani sandhosham irukku la?
(There’s a joy in snatching the last bit of chocolate and eating, isn’t it?)

As we grow, we all “mature” and we miss enjoying this small kind of joys. But it is those joys that keep us going in between all the battles that we face. And when we miss out on expressing these joys, I feel we are missing out on a huge part of our life. And these joys need not stop with just being a memory of our childhood, it could be something that you do even as an adult to enjoy the moment.

So this Childrens Day, I’d like to take a minute to remind myself and all of us, not to forget that inner child in us! Let’s live our lives to the fullest, because all the small joys (maybe small at the moment), are the ones that carry the biggest part of memory in our lives.
Its ok if people around us are judging us, After all it’s our life. So let’s enjoy every moment of it!!

Once again, wishing every individual reading this a very happy Childrens Day!
Hoping to see you soon with another writing!

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