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It was a pleasant Sunday when we were travelling to Pondy, my dad told me he would play a new song which he loved. And I used to hate listening to new kind of songs. He still forced me to listen to this and instantly I fell in love.

And after that every time I went in car, I would ask him to play this M song, because I didn’t know the name of it😂.

I can’t count as to how many times I would have listened this song without knowing the singer’s name, the movie, the director, or the music director. Only later did I figure out that it was sung my Sid Sriram, who became my favourite singer!! Barely after a week or two I knew the lyrics by heart that I didn’t even need the lyrics to sing it.

And that’s how a song that was so strange became my most favourite song.

Though I don’t listen to it daily, you can see a hugee smile on my face when I hear this song at any place, at any time.

Since then, if anyone asks what my favourite song is it has always always been Maruvarthai.

It’s still afresh in my mind about how I got to know about this song!

And also I would like to dedicate this song to my teacher, who has been asking me to sing this song since ages.

It has always been on my list of songs to sing for these reasons, so here it goes!

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